• 100% graduating seniors will create a college/career transition plan
  • The graduating senior class will secure $1,000,000 in scholarships and grants across 4 years
  • We will facilitate four Parent Advisory Council meetings
  • 100% of students will apply for the summer youth employment summer educational enrichment
  • 100% of students will have a SOUL Certified Educator/Coach
  • 100% of students will create an email account, bank account, resume, and personal statement
  • 100% of seniors will graduate for high school
  • 100% of Sister Circle and Round Table students will be able to articulate SOUL identified risky behaviors

Program Brief

The Round Table initiative was established to addressed three major community concerns, (1) the lack of male support in SOUL supported schools, (2) provide mentorship for low-income young males highly likely to engage in risky behaviors, and (3) create a safe space for young men to be vulnerable and ask questions that will promote self-efficacy. Because many of our male student athletes are participating in risky behaviors, this program will be required for many of them.

SOUL/UDC Sustainability Education Program. We are collaborating with the College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability, and Environmental Science at the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) and the HD Woodson S.T.E.M. High School’s science department to present a sustainability education program for 12 DC Public High School students. This program explores the economics, agricultural, sociological, and environmental sustainability of urban sustainability.

Sister Circle is our women’s empowerment initiative. We created this program to empower and promote educational excellence within our female student-athletic community. This program started with the HD Woodson Softball team and in 2016 expanded to Luke C. Moore High School. Sister Circle aims to equip our young women with the tools needed to remind athletes of their self-worth and significance to the world around them.

College Access Study Hall (C.A.S.H.) program works in collaboration with the coaches at SOUL supported high schools to provide one-on-one tutoring / academic coaching, homework support, character development, and specialized athletic training.