SOUL was established in June 2013. The organization started as a as a summer initiative with six youth residing in DC’s Clay Terrace public housing community, partnering with Alicia Vicks of the City Gate and the Richardson Dwellings Resident Council. The inaugural  SOUL summer initiative was held at Spingarn Senior High School. This summer initiative would become the SOUL Summer Institute. 

 In 2014 we began working with DC Public Schools as a after-school program partner. Our first school partner was HD Woodson STEM High School in Ward 7. There we supported the Warriors boys varsity basketball and Ladies softball teams, via our CASH program. In 2015 we expanded our CASH program to Luke C. Moore Senior High School.

             We serve approximately 100 youth from ages 13-19. About 65% of the youth we serve are Black males; roughly 35% are Black females. Approximately 99% of our youth reside in low-income communities, with a majority living in high crime neighborhoods. Most of our youth reside in Washington DC’s Ward 7, which is the second most economically disadvantaged wards within the city. It holds a poverty rate of 36%, twice the District average; a 20% unemployment rate, compared to the District’s 10% rate; and 50% of Ward 7 residents receive food stamps.